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Hull City and East Riding

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Today, there was the the result of the ballot, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, about Hull City and East Riding joining together for the benefit for all. Now anyone who lives in the area will be well versed in the animosity between Hull City and East Riding. There is some historical reason involving water rights and such like. The point I would like to make is that it is a pity that people could not see the advantages for Hull City and East Riding joining together.
For example, supposing that the Government gave Hull City £10 and East Riding £10. The two areas would have been treated equally, which is fair. They can both spend their £10 on whatever they wanted to. However, suppose that it cost £10.99 to bring a large factory to the area that would provide jobs for thousands of people. Neither of the councils would be able to do it, and as a consequence, the people of Hull City AND the East Riding would lose out, because of stupidity.
So East Riding, all that would need to happen is the Boundary Commission to propose a unitary authority to cover the region currently covered by Hull City and the East Riding of Yorkshire, and where would that leave you?

From: Tony Ryan

The Great Big Business as Unusual Bike Blog Roundup

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Posted by Sally Hinchcliffe on Monday 29th of September 2014

This was a slightly confusing week in which a car insurance firm got all excited about carless cities and Business Insider was posting its tips for cycling in New York (yes, they’re a bit lame, but the fact that they’re even in there is a start) and the US list of bicycle friendly businesses grew ever longer, triggering what migh

From: Cycling Embassy

The film box has landed. #Adelphi30

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The film box has landed. #Adelphi30 week; 29 Sept – 5 Oct 2014.

We’ve teamed up with local film-makers Josh Moore, Mark Richardson and photographer Anna Bean.

With help from Beany, Julie and Sue we’ve transformed a shipping container in the car park, we invite #Adelphi30 artists into the box to film one song as a live acoustic session or have their band photo taken…before their gigs each day.

It will be a wonderful experience to celebrate 30 years of the Adelphi, with films and photos to keep forever.

We hope to see you in there…

Anna Bean
Instagram @bluebeany

Josh Moore

Mark Richardson
Instagram @codhead42

From: Adelphi Club

Giant Elephant Protests TTIP at UKIP Conference

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What: Giant white elephant joins UKIP annual conference

Where: UKIP annual conference. Doncaster Racecourse, Leger Way, Doncaster, DN2 6BB

When: 9.00am – 10.00am Friday 26 September 2014


Health campaigners and community activists from across Yorkshire, Humberside and the North East want to know why UKIP are not opposing TTIP. They will be joined by a giant elephant symbolising the elephant in the room that UKIP don’t talk about and UKIP MEPs do nothing about.

TTIP is a trade deal being negotiated in secret by unelected Eurocrats in Brussels and American Government officials. TTIP is a massive danger to British sovereignty over the NHS. It could make the sell-off of our NHS irreversible. The Government has confirmed that the NHS is covered by TTIP. This means US companies taking over our health service will get:

· The right to sue the British Government outside British law and British courts;

· The right to choose one of the panel of three international judges sitting in secret;

· The potential to be awarded unlimited billions of British tax-payers money, with no right of appeal.

The People’s NHS Hull and Save Our Local NHS Hull and East Yorkshire will be taking part in this protest. Please share widely!

Long Riston Apple Festival – A truly amazing event!

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Long Riston Apple Festival

Saturday 4th October 2014 Manor Farm

12 midday onwards there will be apple pressing 2pm William Tell archery, 2pm Morris Dancing Workshop, Cream teas from 3pm, 4pm Childrens Morris dancing stick making, Childrens barn dance 5pm £10 adults, children under 10 free…

The fantastic and most brilliant Hessle Ceilidh Band is once again setting the Long Riston Apple Festival alight with music and traditional folk dances. There is a Children’s Morris dancing workshop from 2pm with a show in the evening. The stage is already made in the Manor Farm Barn. £10 Adults, children under 10 free, children 10-16 £5 and this includes Hog roast and apple and blackberry crumble…..nothing better in the world to do on 4th october….is there?


A hog from Buckden’s farm at Rise – where the apples come from too – you cannot get more local than that!! Cooked on the now famous Big Bess – the charcoal roaster…included in the barn dance ticket – Apple and blackberry crumble with cream…£10 adults, children 10-16 £5

Fundraising for Marie Curie cancer care – the village school and St Margaret’s Church…all monies taken on the day go to these charities.

From: Hessle Ceilidh Band

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